Taking Action

We need a wave of civic engagement and collective action to implement our climate solutions.

What’s needed now in response to the climate crisis is deeper understanding, stronger connections, and a wave of individual and collective action. Taking Action mobilizes tactile exhibits, maps, physical interactives, and a custom app toward this end. We hope to see you at the show!

Scroll down to see a short time lapse video capturing the first wave of actions taken by visitors.

When it comes to the climate crisis, the majority of people in the United States are worried but inactive. We tend to underestimate the public consensus that already exists on climate, which can lead to a sense of isolation. And as an isolated individual, because the problem exists on a global scale, it is easy to feel powerless about addressing it.

While this dynamic has changed dramatically in a hopeful way over the last year, the self-reinforcing cycle of silence, isolation, and passivity remains largely intact. Taking Action is an exhibition intended to help reverse this cycle by providing guidance and support on specific civic actions we can take together for climate progress.

The exhibition consists of three main rooms.

  • The first room encourages visitors to explore proven carbon mitigation strategies—i.e. climate solutions.

  • The second exposes some of the daunting reasons these solutions are not being implemented.

  • In the third room, visitors take targeted actions that address these barriers to progress. Represented by corresponding stickers, these actions aggregate over the duration of the exhibition and visualize the collective nature of effective climate action.

The show as a whole is inspired by the transformative youth climate movement, which invites all of us to take a fresh look at the imperative of breaking with business as usual, both in the world and in our own minds. The exhibition is staffed primarily by high school volunteers during the summer months.

Together we can and must move forward by taking action.

Taking Action is located on beautiful Governors Island, home to many other innovative cultural and environmental programs. For information on visiting, click here.