Special Thanks

Taking Action is inspired by the new youth movement on the climate crisis, and made possible by many generous partners and advisors.

We are grateful to the Trust for Governors Island for the use of this house and for the dedication of public space to environmental education, community building, and creative and civic engagement with the massive climate challenge we all face.

For the iPad application essential to Taking Action, we thank our remarkable pro bono development team led by Michael Prenez-Isbell and also including Alex Cone, Gareth Shapiro, and Andrea Soverini.

We thank the advisors, contributors, and pro-bono partners who shaped this project, including Kubi Ackerman; Nevah Assang, Carianne Carleo-Evangelist, and Janette Roush of NYC & Company; Lou Casagrande; Gabriella Cammarata; Rebecca Esau and Talia Kula of the Building Energy Exchange; Pierre de Gaillande; Benjamin Grant of Overview; Michaela Labriole of the New York Hall of Science; Eve Mosher; Alex Nathanson; Frank Niepold of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration; Phil Ortiz and Aaron Ordower of the NYC Mayor’s Office; Chris Reij of the World Resources Institute; Ken Rosenberg and Pessia Steck of Atlas Print Solutions; Eric Toensmeier of Drawdown; Elke Weber of Princeton University; Nick Widzowski of the New York City Council; and Ben Young and Frederick Kukelhaus of Hugo and Hoby.

Extraordinary support for the work of the Climate Museum is provided by Louise Eastman. Major support is provided by Tom & Kim Litle, Cohen & Gresser LLP, and Anonymous. Generous support is provided by Stephen Cutler & Wendy Zimmermann. Additional support is provided by the Nancy Biddle Family Fund, Jodie & John Eastman, Generation Foundation, Lucile Herbert, Peter S. Knight & Gail Britton, the Moxie Foundation, the New York State Council on the Arts, and the Ruggles Family Foundation.